Prada And Autumn De Wilde Debut Two New Short Films In ‘The Postman Dreams’ Series | Fashion News


Prada just released two more short films of its series The Postman Dreams, created by Autumn De Wilde and this last pieces, besides showing the romance and humour of the brand, explore the wilder and sexier side of it. As we know, Prada gave De Wilde full freedom to do these films and we can see her unique and original style, showing what this campaign is really about: to present how enchanting, owning a Prada bag is, instead of making it seem like a forbidden VIP club.


The Tree, shows a bold woman in a motorcycle and leather trench, who just picks up an apple from the grown and throws at a tree full of Galleria bags to get one (if only it was that easy!), while The Laundromat, displays a sexy fashionista while washing and drying a green Prada trench (of course) that she takes off and then wear another beautiful dress while waiting. We can see our first character The Postman along with a very Italian band appeared in both of the films as well, which makes it more relax and fun.




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