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Movie star Zendaya has become quite the fashion icon over the past few years, and we can see her style shine through in Netflix’s latest film Malcolm & Marie, which sees her starring alongside John David Washington in the lockdown-set movie.


The fan-favourite dress makes its appearance throughout the movie’s shouting match scenes, where Zendaya stomps around a stylish apartment using the dress’ sexy silhouette to stand her ground, and even make her handsome co-star some mac and cheese.


The main subject of all the discussion around the incredible dress has been about who the designer of this dress and where we can buy it!


The pewter textured lamé dress is a collaboration between Zendaya’s long-term stylist Law Roach, and fellow stylist and Aliétte designer Jason Rembert.


Through a series of fittings with the actress, the last iteration of the dress was decided, with its liquid mercury style referencing a gown that Cher wore during a duet with Raquel Welch in 1975.


Indeed, what made the dress look so wonderful is the actress’s presence that dazzles the camera.


To answer the fans’ high demands, the famous dress from the Malcolm & Marie movie can now be pre-ordered from Aliétte via Black Owned Everything here. The movie is now available on Netflix.


Check out the dress below and some of Zendaya’s fashion looks as well.




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