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Irish singer FEYI has released her brand new, captivating, and bewitching single “Pressure” which contains all the elements to groove and uplift listeners. This R&B/soul track takes listeners on a musical journey where we find the artistic versatility of the singer who mixes a nostalgic R&B style with a modern soul/pop vibe.


As for the singing, it is full of emotion and goes perfectly with the atmospheric instrumentation. Indeed, the groovy rhythm with the funky bassline and the melodic elements are in perfect harmony with the singing, giving it an intimate and sensual feeling.


Born in Dublin to parents from Nigeria, FEYI moved to Indiana at the age of one. With parents with intellectual professions, she grew up in a traditional environment based on the importance of higher education.


Nevertheless, as soon as she entered high school, her creative spirit took over when she started privately downloading her first compositions on Soundcloud. Subsequently, the young singer decided to go through non-traditional methods by taking online music lessons in order to focus fully on her passion.


From now on, FEYI has cultivated a very energetic and hypnotic R&B brand, punctuated by unwavering cadences and a breathtaking soul. Appropriating every moment while charismatically crushing gender stereotypes, the 21-year-old US-based singer and songwriter refreshes, invigorates, and recharges the R&B scene.


Listen to “Pressure” below:




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