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The TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) exam is designed to evaluate the preparedness of students seeking admission into the health science field. Most nursing schools and allied health schools include TEAS as a part of their admission requirements for the candidates.


The exam is made up of 170 questions and comes in a multiple-choice format with four possible answers. The questions are designed to evaluate the fundamental academic skills that are required in the areas of Math, Reading, English and Language Usage and Science. The total time allowed for the completion of the test is 209 minutes.


Details of the TEAS exam


Here, we look at the breakdown of the questions and time duration for each of the components of the exam:


  • Mathematics: This section contains 36 questions andthe candidates are given 54 minutes to complete it. The questions cover number and algebra, measurement and data and pre-test questions.


  • Reading: The part is made up of 53 questions. The time allotted for the completion is 64 minutes. The questions under this area cover key details, craft and structure, integration of knowledge and ideas and some pre-test questions. The 53 questions are broken down to capture the content areas of the exam. The students can expect to see 22 questions under key details, 14 – under craft and structure, 11 – under integration of ideas and knowledge and 6 questions are pre-test.


  • English and Language Usage: This area consists of 28 questions andthe test takers are allowed 28 minutes for the completion. The questions cover Conventions of Standard English, knowledge of language, vocabulary acquisition and some pre-test questions. For the English and Language Usage questions, there are 9 questions on Conventions of Standard English, 9 – on knowledge of language, 6 – on vocabulary acquisition and 4 – pre-test questions.


  • Science: This component of the exam contains 53 questions and the time allowed for the completion is 63 minutes. The questions cover human anatomy and physiology, life and physical science, scientific reasoning and some pre-test questions. The science questions are also broken down into 32 questions for human anatomy and physiology, 8 – for life and physical science, 7 – for scientific reasoning and 6 – pre-set questions.


The exam is developed and administered by ATI Nursing Education for health science schools. It is developed to measure the academic readiness of prospective students. The TEAS test is made up of 170 questions. These questions are multiple choice with one best appropriate answer.


How to register for the TEAS exam?


The TEAS exam is administered in a controlled and standardized environment. It can either be in a school or a test center and monitored by a proctor. A proctor is an individual that ensures that all the testing protocols and rules are duly and strictly followed.


To register for the exam, you will need to contact the institution where you are applying to get the detailed information about the registration process. Many institutions handle the test administration at the school while some others use the testing center. Before you register for the exam, you will be required to register online Click Here for homepage.


Visit the official website of ATI to create an account. After doing this, log into the site with your details and choose the online store. Select either ‘Register for TEAS through a school’ or ‘Register for TEAS with a testing center. As soon as you complete your registration and pay the testing fee, you will receive a confirmation email from ATI stating that you have been registered for the exam.


While registering for the test, you will be required to select a school where your transcript for the TEAS result will be sent. One can opt for more than one institution. However, you will have to pay an additional fee for the additional schools. You should browse through the site to see the list of schools that you can apply with your test result.


In fact, the list of institutions that administer the TEAS exam will be listed as soon as you start your registration process at You can choose the locations of your school based on the state and city.


How to prepare for the TEAS exam?


There are numerous resources that are available for the TEAS exam preparation. You can enroll for a training course to improve your competency in the various components of the test. There are many online platforms that offer training courses to the candidates.


You can also check your testing center location and see if they offer classroom training course. By taking an offline training course, you are able to meet with other applicants and review notes together. In addition to it, you should also dedicate some time to take plenty of practice tests.


You can access many sample practice tests online for free. It is also critical that you study the TEAS study manual. Itis focused on each of the objectives of the exam and what you should expect from the different sections of the test, including Mathematics, Reading, English and Language Usage and Science.


What do you need to know about the TEAS exam scores?


After completing your TEAS test online, you will be able to view your score report immediately. However, if you take the paper and pencil version of the exam, you will receive your result within 48 hours after your test. The score report will include your overall total and individual content area scores.


You will also receive report on the specific topics you missed with information on how you can review the content. Your TEAS score report is available at any time on the ATI website. Simply log in to your account and view your result under ‘My Results’ tab.



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