President Barack Obama Meets Sir David Attenborough For BBC One Special | TV News


The legendary Sir David Attenborough has met with President Barack Obama for a BBC One special. The president and Sir David sat down at the White House, to discuss the future of the planet and even shared their love for nature. In the interview, Obama expresses his admiration for the broadcaster and tells him that “I have been a huge admirer of your work for a very long time… you’ve been a great educator as well as a great naturalist“.


Obama goes on to discuss the state of the planet, saying, “we’re not moving as fast as we need to and part of what I know from watching your programmes, and all the great work you’ve done, is that these ecosystems are all interconnected. If just one country is doing the right thing but other countries are not then we’re not going to solve the problem, we’re going to have to have a global solution to this“. David Attenborough Meets President Obama airs this Sunday, June 28 on BBC One, at 10.30pm.




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