Pro-EU Conservative MPs Attempt To Win EU Customs Union Bid | Politics


An EU customs union bid took place yesterday in the House of Commons as an attempt by pro-EU Conservative MPs to change Theresa May‘s post-Brexit trade strategy.


With no agreement on a free trade deal with the EU as of yet, Conservative MPs have made their concerns clear over the post-Brexit trade plans. If the UK fails to come to a deal, this bid would have meant that the UK would join a customs union.


However, the attempt to win the vote failed as they were defeated by 6 votes. The Government won by 307-301, leaving pro-EU MPs unsatisfied. Ahead of the vote, Tory MPs were warned that had they defeated the government and won, it would ultimately lead to a vote of no confidence in the government. With such a close outcome and May’s own party members going against her, it is looking like May’s time in office is numbered.



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