Professional Artists Campaign For ‘Tattoo Fixers’ To Be Axed | TV News

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Professional Artists Campaign For ‘Tattoo Fixers’ To Be Axed | TV News

Tattoo Fixers


Channel 4’s Tattoo Fixers has recently come under fire from professional artists who are calling for the “exploitative” show to be axed. Despite its high viewing popularity, many have claimed the show frequently portrays poor cover-up work in dirty conditions.


Originating from the prestigious tattoo blog Inkluded, the campaign encourages fellow artists to come forward with their verdicts on the revamped tattoos after a transgender woman asked for a masculine tattoo to be covered up on her chest; which was branded as an “awful and exploitative” segment with “bad colour work and positioning”.


The campaign has also received a boost from Daniel Head, who previously made an appearance on the show for a cover-up and took to Facebook to share behind the scenes secrets. According to Daniel, the show’s producers tried to persuade him not to publicly talk about his experience by offering him freebies.


Finally revealing his experience, Daniel wrote: “I don’t regret much in my life but I do wish now I hadn’t fallen for the stuff the TV company [Studio Lambert] promised. They sold this programme [Tattoo Fixers] to me and everyone else as ‘you’ll be getting a cover up free of charge by one of the top 3 tattoo artists in the UK'”. Read Daniel’s full statement here and see photos from those supporting the campaign below:




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