Queer Canadian Artist Xana Releases New Single ‘Kitchen Light’

Canadian artist Xana started releasing music in late 2020 with her debut and sophomore singles “Goddess” and “Pray”. She is now ready to kick off summer 2021 as she has just released her new single entitled “Kitchen Light”.

This single is an ’80s tinted pop song that comes with addictive melodies and poetic, confessional lyricism. In “Kitchen Light”, Xana wanted to capture the moment she fell in love with a woman for the first time and how she felt at this moment; how this was exhilarating, frustrating and beautiful.

The single will take you back in time and make you remember the feeling of knowing love for the first time. “Kitchen Light” will become an anthem for summer love and will be perfect for longing and aching hearts.

It came accompanied by a music video which is also a tribute to Xana’s first love. The video is featuring Xana as well as Maia Cervellin, they both are in their youthful glory and are crossing the line from friends to lovers.

This is a warm and intimate video but it will become a staple in the queer community but more especially to the people who are starting to explore and discover their sexuality.

About the video, Xana explained: “The way the video ends is very intentional. ‘Kitchen Light’ is a song about a relationship that never saw the light of day, so it was important for me to end the video at sunrise in daylight to finally give that relationship what it was deserving of, what I was deserving of“.

“Kitchen Light” isn’t only showcasing Xana’s abilities but it is also a song that brings light to the fact that she manages to make the listeners understand what she is feeling so they can feel like the song is their own.

Xana is an up-and-coming queer Canadian pop powerhouse emerging with a gritty dark sound.She has been influenced by artists like Halsey, Lorde and Taylor Swift and she created a world of fantasy and authenticity that is filled with lyrics about LGBTQ romance, female empowerment, sex positivity, self-reflection as well as discovery.

She grew up on Vancouver Island surrounded by art and music and knew from a young age that she wanted to be an artist. From 5 until high school, her free time was filled with violin, singing, art and dance classes. She spent some time in a band before deciding to try a solo project.

Listen to Xana’s brand new single “Kitchen Light” here:


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