Questlove To Direct Documentary About King Of Funk Sly Stone | Film News


After making his debut with the award-winning Sundance documentary Summer Of Love, Ahmir Questlove Thompson is back with a new documentary about the life of influential American artist, king of funk and fashion icon Sly Stone.


The project, the title of which has not yet been revealed, will follow the musician “who was breaking all the rules at a time when doing so was extremely challenging, even dangerous. The pressure of explosive mainstream pop success and the responsibility of representing Black America forced him to walk the fine line of impossible expectations”, said MRC Non-Fiction who will finance the project.


As for the production, Derik Murray and Brian Gersh of Network Entertainment will take the lead. Common will provide executive production via Star Child Productions, with Derek Dudley and Shelby Stone producing via ID8 Multimedia.


Questlove will also direct the documentary with partners Zarah Zohlman and Shawn Geehis who are producing under their Two One Five Entertainment banner.


Speaking about Sly Stone and the documentary, Questlove says, “It goes beyond saying that Sly’s creative legacy is in my DNA — it’s a Black musician’s blueprint. To be given the honor to explore his history and legacy is beyond a dream for me”.


After the success of his previous documentary Summer Of Love which won the Audience Award and the Grand Jury Prize in the documentary section of the 2021 American Sundance competition, we can only hope that his next documentary will be just as successful.



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