Vicky Sola Releases First Single Of The Year ‘Tough Times Never Last’ | Music News


Vicky Sola has released her self-produced song “Tough Times Never Last”, an optimistic self-help track that will certainly make you feel hopeful and recharged. The track blends perfectly her outstanding lyrics and soulful vocals with heavy base, staccato guitars, strings and African percussions.


Vicky Sola said about her single, “While in the creative process, I went back into time of when I was in a dark place with minus in my bank account feeling hopeless and coming out at the end of the tunnel a better version of me. I want people to listen and sing this song to themselves and feel empowered knowing that during the tough times they are going to come out stronger, wiser and better”.


London-based singer and songwriter Vicky Sola’s music can be characterized as a smooth blend of her unique British slant of R&B, pop and soul music. Her style is also influenced by the afrobeats sound from her Nigerian heritage.


She started singing in her church choir at the young age of 11 and began dance two years later. Since then, she has brought both arts to a high level, which allowed her to perform to arena crowds and O2 Academy platforms, supporting artists like Akon, legendary Nigerian singer 2Baba and more.


Listen to “Tough Times Never Last” below:




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