Ralph Pelleymounter Returns After Two Years With ‘Steady Love’

For two years, Ralph Pelleymounter has been silent and not seen anywhere but the wait is over, one of England’s most unequalled voices is back with “Steady Love” produced by Mr. BJ Jackson and mixed by two-time Grammy Award winnner Craig Alvin.

With his debut solo LP, Dead Debutante’s Ball, in 2019, Ralph acquired a significant notoriety with fans and critics alike, with British and European audiences liking his power to arouse strong emotions but with humor through his songs.

After performing live with the likes of Badly Drawn Boy andShawn James, Ralph has gone on to fill out concert halls by himself. The 3 Love Songs, Death And Kindness EP closed 2019 full of Ralph’s activities.

In 2020, the lockdown happened and his routine fell upside down, with Ralph describing the situation from which he took inspiration to write “Steady Love”, “During the first UK lockdown, touring suddenly halted, and I found myself on a strict diet of TV and panic. My new single ‘Steady Love’ is a reaction to the ‘will-they, won’t-they’ stories I was watching & a thank you to those who showed me such kindness & love while everything was falling apart”.

From his apartment, Ralph occupied his time with the writing of his upcoming album but also presented the Sunday Sessions online accompanied by notable guests like Eliza Shaddad, Fours and Bastille.

Ralph emphasizing the meaning of his new track, “Escapism and our new relationship with technology felt so appropriate to write about over Zoom while we were all stuck in our rooms worrying about the end of the world”.

Now, 2022 is here. “Steady Love” is just the introduction to an occupied year for Ralph Pelleymounter. Make sure to save April 6 in you calendar to be able to enjoy Ralph performing live at the notable SOCIAL in London for the first time for two years.

Listen to his latest track “Steady Love” here:

Picture by Michael David Charles Hicks


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