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Rayf is a producer and artist from East London, whose music has been described as ‘Mellow Grime’, or the post-evolution of the R&B and Grime fusion, ‘R&G’. Gaining some of his musical inspiration from his father who previously worked as Fela Kuti’s lawyer, Rayf has since pioneered his own unique image and style, producing some of the most innovative and original sounds from London in recent years.


Characterised by distorted vocals and ambient harmonies, fans of early Grime and Garage will recognise distinct hints towards the sounds that influenced the self-taught artist in his teenage years. His upcoming debut project Monkey is to reflect a nostalgic love story, set through the lens of a teen growing up during the era of Grime music, Nokia phones and Air Max 95’s.


Girls” is the first release from the project, and of the new single, Rayf said, “It reminds me of when I was younger, it used to be a thing going out of the ends to link girls. Girls from different ends of London were associated with different things; ways of dressing, slang etc. I just tried to capture that in this song“.



Photo Credit: Hendrix Nash



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