Rayon Nelson Is Back With Bouncy New Single ‘Good Vibes’

Independent artist Rayon Nelson has returned with a brand new single entitled “Good Vibes”. It is a soulful hip-hop and reggae-inspired breakup song in which Rayon intended to provoke positive energy.

“Good Vibes” was released following an unforgiving but also traumatic 2020. Rayon got his inspiration from one of his friends’ situation where a girl he liked a lot broke up with him in early 2021, this left him in an undesirable position. That’s why the song is also full of good vibes, the idea is to bring comfort and the good vibes we need.

The song starts with a hip hop heavy theme before the hook comes to deliver us an anthemic statement with elements of gratitude. With his flow, Rayon is transporting us through the emotionally intense and vulnerable verses where he is first trying to deal with the complications of a breakup and later he exclaimed to the listeners to protect their peace.

“Good Vibes” is composed with catchy melodies and warm vocals with a perfect blend from soulful hip-hop – with his drum samples and scratched vocals lend – to reggae with his lyricism and production. This is a self-produced track but the final mix and master were done by Alberto Coin.

Rayon Nelson is an independent artist with eclectic influences from Jamaica, London and Suffolk. In his music, we will be able to find some inspirational and compassionate lyricism with a sonic backdrop to create a fusion of styles. With this brand new single Rayon Nelson will probably mark the music industry this year.

Listen to Rayon Nelson last single here:


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