‘Resident Evil’ Franchise Set For Reboot | Film News

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‘Resident Evil’ Franchise Set For Reboot | Film News


You can’t trust Hollywood, can you? You’d assume that having a film titled The Final Chapter would mean the end of the series, right? Well, no. Despite Resident Evil: The Final Chapter only hitting cinemas a few months ago, the series is already getting a reboot.


Germany production giant Constantin Films are set to produce a new set of Resident Evil films, reportedly as an original six movie franchise. Director, stars and how this new series will fit into the narrative of the old one (or will it?) are still being kept under wraps, so we’re just left to wonder how this is possible.


A couple of the later Resident Evil films are sneaky excellent if you give them a chance, mostly thanks to the underrated directing of critical punching-bag Paul W.S. Anderson. But, the story had been told via six films, and there is absolutely no need for a reboot of a franchise that seemingly ended mere months ago.


The ‘final’ film in the franchise grossed a healthy $320 million worldwide, and the series as a whole has brought in over $1.2 billion dollars total. Originally based on the Capcom video game of the same name, it is the highest grossing series to be based on a video game.


Is this the most surprising announced reboot of all time? Will the new series retain any of the mythology and crew of the original series? Will the new series finally break the mould and give fans of the game the first universally great video game movie? We might have to wait for another six films to find out.



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