Retrowave Trio Tygersounds Unveil New Single ‘Down To The Mountain’ | Music News

Tygersounds at the Schneider’s Bowl in Fishkill, NY 3_5_18


You feel trapped in your house and you’d like to escape with music? Then go listen to the new single “Down To The Mountain” from the retrowave trio Tygersounds, released on April 20! This sound is part of their album A Different Kind Of World. 


The Tygersounds group was born in the East Village in 2015. It is composed of Jordan Moser, who is the main songwriter of the band and who sings and plays guitar, Hilary Davis who plays violin and synthesizer, and Tom Cordell who plays drums. They performed in Manhattan clubs and bars such as the Bowery Electric, Pianos, Rockwood Music Hall and many others.


Tygersounds’ music is a mix of 80’s synth-rock and pop, indie rock and contemporary new-romantic vibe. Their sound can be described as “Morissey-esque”. The music of Tygersounds represents their struggles and desires, which link people together.


In addition to their album A Different Kind Of World, they also released “Minneapolis (On My Mind)” in 2019, the eponymous album Tygersounds in 2018 and also other sounds like “Music From The Heart” and “Sick Of Sitting Around”.


If you have exhausted your stock of music and you don’t already know it, go quickly discover the roaring and powerful music of this trio that will thrill you!


Listen to “Down To The Mountain” here:




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