Rhys Lewis – I Know The Feeling | Music Video

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Rhys Lewis – I Know The Feeling | Music Video


Rhys Lewis releases his soulful new single, “I Know The Feeling,” following the release of his successful debut single, “Waking Up Without You,” and second single, “Living In The City.”


The 24 year old singer, signed to legendary Decca Records that has housed the likes of, Bing Crosby, The Rolling Stones, The Who and Paul McCartney, has spent the past year between studios in London, Nashville, LA and Berlin allowing Lewis to mature in sound and writing.


Lewis has already been gaining steam on the music scene catapulting to number 1 on Spotify’s Viral Chart and achieving 170,000 streams within 2 weeks. Now having over 1.7 million listeners on the popular digital stream platform, Lewis has performed to a sold-out crowd at famous London music venue, The Borderline and is set to perform at more festivals and gigs over the summer.


“I Know The Feeling” reveals the result of his time refining, reflecting, and developing his music. Penned to help a friend that was going through a tough time, Lewis hopes that new listeners of the single can relate to the lyrics and help to bring issues of mental health in men to the forefront.


Speaking about the writing process and his ability to bring awareness to mental health, Lewis explains: “I think there is a lot of bravado that surrounds being a guy and being ‘macho’ that stems from a dated idea of what being a man is – brave face, man up, and don’t talk about your feelings.”


He continues, “But in reality, it takes a great amount of courage and bravery to be honest and vulnerable about how you feel. The pressure to be happy all the time and to be living the perfect life on social media is greater than ever, but I think if men could actually feel more comfortable being open in front of people or a friend, then that can change a lot of things.””


Speaking about the concept behind the music video, Lewis says, “ I think there is always an element of sadness behind comedy, so the idea of a man with a clown-like smile painted on his face is a really strong symbol for that. It felt like the right visuals and a powerful protagonist for the story.” ”


Watch the visuals for Rhys Lewis‘ latest single, “I Know The Feeling,” down below.




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