Ricky Wilson Criticises ‘The X Factor’ | TV News

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Ricky Wilson Criticises ‘The X Factor’ | TV News

Ricky Wilson


It seems The Voice judge Ricky Wilson cannot get enough of criticsing Simon Cowell‘s beloved X Factor, for the Kaiser Chiefs lead singer has slammed the rival singing competition, stating their winner’s careers are “very short-lived” and only a “flash in the pan”.


Speaking to The Sun, Wilson explained how he feels the methods X Factor use to promote their winners are unsuccessful: “We’ve found hundreds of stars but just because we can’t finish a show, wrap them in a bow and give them a number one, it’s not a problem because if you are doing that their careers will be very short-lived”.


He continued, revealing how he believes The Voice actually searches and creates long-lasting stars in comparison to The X Factor: “We’re not trying to make a flash in a pan, we’re trying to make a star who burns for a very long time. A flash in the pan burns brightly and then disappears very quickly”.


Considering The Voice will now be broadcast on ITV following the BBC’s decision to sell the programme for approximately £355 million, Wilson depicted how he feels the move will inevitably create a divide between the two audiences: “I think it’ll be odd now the show is going to ITV because what queue do you join? I think people will know whether they are going to follow the big X or the big V because they are two very different shows”.


The move for The Voice is set to officially kick-start in 2017; meaning the current series airing on BBC One will be its last. Watch the latest episode of the blind auditions on BBC iPlayer and catch the next episode this Saturday at 7:15pm on BBC One.



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