RIMOWA Links Up With Aimé Leon Dore For New Collection

German luggage brand RIMOWA has a long history of collaborations. They have worked with brands like Tiffany & Co., Palace, and Porsche. Now, RIMOWA has teamed up with popular NYC brand Aimé Leon Dore.

This new collaboration brings together the golden age of travel and timeless, elevated designs. The collection includes the RIMOWA x Aimé Leon Dore Chest and the RIMOWA x Aimé Leon Dore Cabin. Both pieces are handcrafted in Germany.

The luggage features Aimé Leon Dore’s signature green shade. Inside, there is a resilient nylon lining with a pattern of ancient Greek stamp iconography by Aimé Leon Dore. The pieces also have gold-plated hardware, brown leather handles and straps, and co-branded leather-covered logo badges with gold embossing.

“The pieces encapsulate the romantic elements of traveling while keeping a forward-facing lens,
” says a spokesperson from RIMOWA. This collection aims to blend classic travel style with modern design.

You can find it in-store and online at RIMOWA’s official website. Fans of both brands are excited about this release. It combines RIMOWA’s quality craftsmanship with Aimé Leon Dore’s unique style.

Both the Chest and the Cabin showcase the attention to detail that both brands are known for. The green shade and Greek pattern add a distinct touch. The gold-plated hardware and leather accents make the pieces stand out.

Aimé Leon Dore is known for its blend of streetwear and classic styles. This partnership with RIMOWA brings that blend to travel accessories. The pieces are not only functional but also stylish.

“This collaboration fuses our love for timeless designs with the essence of travel,” says Aimé Leon Dore’s founder. It is clear that both brands put a lot of thought into this collection.

RIMOWA has always been a brand associated with quality and durability. With Aimé Leon Dore’s influence, this collection adds a modern twist to RIMOWA’s classic designs. The use of premium materials ensures that these pieces will last for years.

For those who love to travel in style, this collection is a perfect choice. The RIMOWA x Aimé Leon Dore collaboration is a testament to the creativity and quality of both brands.


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