Rising New York Artist Kendyle Paige Unveils New Single ‘Cynical’

Rising New York singer-songwriter Kendyle Paige has released “Cynical,” the fifth track from her much-anticipated album Ladybird.

The confessional R&B and pop-punk single features elements of jazz, encapsulating Paige’s feelings of melancholy before moving back to New York from Los Angeles. Combining live instruments, including drums played by her husband, the song showcases the artist’s unique sound and serves as a turning point for her.

Produced in collaboration with Brandon Lee Richardson, Kendyle Paige’s Ladybird album incorporates mixing and engineering by Shane Stanton, as well as mastering by Matt Filipek.

The record is characterized by lush production, tight pocket performances, and yearning lyrics, making it her most ambitious project to date. Songs like “John & Yvette” and “Seasons Change” exhibit a reflective, cool temperament, while tracks like “Cynical” and “Apple Cherry” highlight Paige’s experimentation with new sounds.

Born into a Grammy-winning family, Kendyle Paige has gained international recognition through television appearances and producer collaborations, including the hit single “Cravin,” produced by Stileto.

With over 32 million streams and placements on 36,000 playlists, she is poised for even greater success with Ladybird. Through her music, Paige explores themes of ambivalence and the complexity of human emotions, often drawing on her own experiences of living in both New York and Los Angeles.

As she embarks on the next chapter of her life, Kendyle Paige’s Ladybird promises to delight listeners with new instrumentation, lyrical themes, and a grand sense of wonder about what the future holds.

Listen to “Cynical” below!


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