Robbie Williams Biopic ‘Better Man’ To Be Filmed In Australia In Early 2022

The filming of the biographical film about singer Robbie Williams, Better Man, will begin in Melbourne, Australia in early 2022 under the supervision of Michael Gracey, director of The Greatest Showman.

The film will focus on the obstacles that have faced the singer, both on and off stage. Robbie Williams is one of the UK’s most popular artists and one of the biggest selling artists of all time. He first came to prominence in 1989 as a member of Take That before launching his solo career in 1995.

The singer and actor is expected to play himself. For the purposes of the film, some of his music will be reinterpreted and contextualized. “I’m so excited I am making this movie in Victoria with my friend Michael Gracey,” said Williams.

Indeed, the movie will be shot precisely in Melbourne Docklands Studios, in Victoria State, Michael Gracey’s hometown. “To tell Robbie Williams beautiful, distinct story, back home, in my own city, is a dream come true. There is a creative energy that burns across the Melbourne film industry, and I know this movie will thrive here,” said the latest.

In addition to being a source of satisfaction for the director, the filming of this movie will bring a lot to the state. The production is estimated to create approximately 2,200 local jobs, with 14 local department heads, 80 visual effects practitioners, and 220 crew members. Furthermore, more than 2700 extras and casuals will be employed and work will be created for approximately 300 local businesses and service providers.


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