Robert Pattinson No Longer Teenage Heartthrob In James Dean Biopic ‘Life’ | Film News

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Robert Pattinson in the last ten years has often been typecast as a teenage heartthrob with aspirations of becoming a credible actor seeming very bleak, but this will soon change. With the release of the new James Dean biopic Life, Pattinson has successfully remodelled himself into a traditional leading man and is no longer the poster boy for 21st century adolescent youth culture.


Robert Pattinson has won over the critics with his performance in Life generating huge amount of praise and helping him to become more reiniquanted with a new set of audience members. Older viewers once dismissed Pattinson as not good enough to hold the cinema screen on his own as he was unable to replicate the same screen presence in which iconic movie stars have done in the past such as Paul Newman, Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson, however with this new film he has successfully proved them wrong.


Pattinson and his new career path could lead him to greater glory with further Oscar nominations, a most likely outcome for such a young talented individual. The only thing that could potentially hinder such a positive transformation for Pattinson is the fact that his core teen Twilight supporters which helped him in his career thus far may not be associated with the actor’s new career direction and ambitions but will remain in the distant past.



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