Robin Williams’ Will Prevents The Use Of His Voice In Potential ‘Aladdin’ Sequel | Film News


You can forget it Disney. A former Disney executive has revealed to The Sunday Times that although there are enough outtakes to produce another Aladdin film, it won’t be happening, as the estate belonging to sorely missed legend Robin Williams rightfully prohibits any usage of his name, previous voice recordings and tapes until “25 years after his death”. 


The late actor voiced the iconic and beloved character Genie in Disney’s 1992 classic Aladdin, a performance that contributed substantially to its $504 million box office success. Reasoning behind this decision is based on Williams’ desire to protect his family, as any future sequels would have generated financial penalties, an issue that surrounds posthumous earnings.


The world fell in mourning and utter loss on August 11 2014, when it was revealed that Williams had tragically committed suicide after battling with depression. Lets face it, unless they intend on committing what would be considered an absolute sin and attempt to replace the irreplaceable, Disney will just have to accept and respect his wishes hopefully long after the 25 years are up. We still miss you, Robin.



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