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The new single “Seek” from Norway-based artist, music composer and producer Ben Alexander is out now, with a video! This experimental artist is very creative and talented, and it shows on his new track, which was released on April 24.


Ben Alexander has always grown up with music from all mixed cultures. His mother was born in Kenya before settling in Norway, she taught him tribal and African music. Throughout his career, he has worked with national and international artists and musicians. He has participated in many events in Norway, Sweden and all around the Mediterranean.


On the song “Seek”, Ben Alexander explains the common need for every human being to find a purpose, a meaning, a truth to life. This need unites every human being, regardless of culture, religion, skin colour, language, sex, etc., and is a common need for all human beings. For the artist, looking for something that is bigger than oneself is a very beautiful thing and brings all humans together rather than dividing them.


This experimental song is a mix of several genres of music. Throughout the music you can hear gospel, with Queen-inspired drums and percussion. Ben Alexander lays down his powerful and vibrant voice that makes us think of Hozier, Bon Iver or Bono.


Watch the video for “Seek” here:




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