Rosalía And Bad Bunny Release Music Video For ‘La Noche De Anoche’ | Music News


Rosalía And Bad Bunny stoke up the flames in the video clip for their song “La Noche De Anoche”, which was released on Valentine’s Day. The single “La Noche De Anoche” appears on the latest album El Último Tour Del Mundo of the Puerto Rican rapper.


In a minimalist clip in pastel tones, the two artists make a serenade for each other. They move closer together little by little until their fingers touch and become inflamed. As they touch each other, the two singers catch fire entirely. As they kiss, the sun behind them sets and the camera slowly withdraws, marking the end of the clip.


Bad Bunny recently spoke to Billboard about the origin of his collaboration with the young Spanish singer, saying, “We recorded separately because of COVID and our schedules. We’d been trying to work together for a while and the right opportunity hadn’t come up.


Chris Jedi sent me a track with a rhythmic base he did with Rosalía, and I thought it was cool, but I let it sit for a while. A couple of days later, I couldn’t stop singing the song”.


On the same day, we also learned that the young rapper would be the musical guest of Saturday Night Live on February 20.


Watch the music video for “La Noche De Anoche” below:




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