Russell Brand Angers BBC Viewers Over 9/11 Statement | TV News


Russell Brand has never been one to shy away with his thoughts and opinions, and pretty much does what he wants no matter how bad it makes him look. Well, this time, Brand has certainly took a step too far this time by admitting that he is “open-minded to 9/11 conspiracies” to BBC’s Newsnight. Host, Evan Davis, brought up the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers as Brand let people into his world with his views on the 9/11 tragedy in his book Revolution. He links President Bush to the Bin Laden family, his distrust with governments, and his interest in events in Ottawa on anti-Islamic narratives. He went on by saying that he believes the events on September 11th, 2001, were “controlled”.


The BBC was swamped with complaints and have retorted to complaints with a statement saying, “love him or loathe him Russell Brand has been one of the most eloquent voices articulating the anti-politics mood that all British politicians are currently struggling to engage with“. This comes a week after Brand showed up at FOX News in New York and caused havoc accusing the press of being “Islamophobic” before being asked to leave the premises. There is nothing wrong with free speech and speaking about what you think is right but what will the anti-political Brand do next to anger people?



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