Russell Brand Bemoans Pornography And Its Effects For ‘Fight The New Drug’ | TV News


Russel Brand has joined the public debate on porn via his YouTube series The Trews. The self proclaimed anti-porn crusader described pornography as “icebergs of filth” floating through every household and described himself as being “obsessed with pornography” at the stage of teenage adolescence via his latest Youtube podcast.


The comedian, actor, activist and author pointed out the recurring presence of soft core porn being shown throughout society, through mediums such as television programs, magazines, advertisements, film and lets not forget ‘Fifty Shades’ of mummy porn. Throughout the course of the video, Brand also described the effect porn had on his personal relationships and life itself as well as the way in-which pornography can alter an individuals mindset.


As you can guess the comedian’s status as an activist and figure for diversity left him pretty unwounded from the string of comments left on the YouTube page. A few viewers who had watched the podcast expressed their views through unruly backchat, claiming “porn is not the problem at all“, and that Brand “might have been better off having this discussion with himself”, considering Brand has claimed that he has slept with over 2000 women.


However, a forced portrayal of positivity seemed to be the outcome when it boiled down to the response gathered from the YouTube clip ‘The Trews, Episode E269’, so is Russel Brand an Anti-Porn crusader, fighting to wake society from their slumber or a man with a few words behind his name on a hyperlink. The video is accessible below, and more information on anti-porn campaign Fight The New Drug can be found here.




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