8:58 – The Clock (Featuring Cillian Murphy) | Music Video


Cillian Murphy is one extraordinary actor; a real actor some might say, lighting up all his roles for film and stage with that unstoppable physical acting energy. This new role however, is a little out of character, or out of the ordinary more like. Cillian, has recently teamed up with Paul Hartnoll, who is one half of dance duo Orbital, on his new solo project. Hartnoll’s current project is called 8:58 and with that, he has produced a song titled “The Clock”, the music video for which, Cillian Murphy stars and can be seen raving in the kitchen, raving as a magician, and a knight. What’s all this about, I hear you ask? Well, all I can say is it’s a question of time. Here be frazzled for a few minutes below.




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