Russell Crowe Teases ‘Master And Commander’ Sequel | Film News

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Russell Crowe Teases ‘Master And Commander’ Sequel | Film News


Master and Commander: The Far Side Of The World doesn’t exactly sound like the kind of film that would generate a franchise in the current climate of Hollywood, but back in 2003, that was a viable option. The drama earned 10 Oscar nominations, but against a budget of $150 million, it only took in $212 million at the box office, dashing any hopes of a sequel.


Or so we thought. Star Russell Crowe tweeted that there is potential of a sequel:



The potential has always been there for more Master and Commander films, as the first film was based on one of twenty novels in Patrick O’Brien‘s Aubrey-Maturin series, and Crowe was reportedly game to continue his role as Captain Jack Aubrey. But despite there being no interest for a second film fifteen years ago, it seems 20th Century Fox have seen some potential in the project.


We all know how much Hollywood loves franchises and interconnected universes nowadays, but still, few would have pegged Master and Commander as a potential franchise a studio would be interested in resurrecting.


Of course, Crowe is only referring to “whispers” in the tweet, so who knows how far along these backroom discussions really are. Director Peter Weir is now 73, and has only made one film since 2003 (2010’s The Way Back), so it’s possible he wouldn’t want to return, but maybe a new director could step in.


Is it odd to be talking about a nautical, sea-based film as a potential franchise in 2017? Absolutely, but Hollywood has always had some odd ideas. Are people still interested in Master and Commander? If the sequel gets the greenlight, we will find out.



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