Saba – Busy | Music Video


Chance the Rapper collaborator and fellow Chicago rapper/producer Saba is flying the flag for the Chi-town Hip-Hop scene with the release of his brand new video for his contemplative new single “Busy“. Linking with Daoud and daedaePIVOT, the trio have produce Saba’s first for 2018 after a string of singles in 2017 and 2016’s Bucket List Project.


“Busy” is an honest look at life after success. Saba raps about the complicated state of juggling relationships while feeling socially isolated. His the poetic perspective is amplified through the accompanying video for the song. Directed by Peter Collins Campbell, the rather unorthodox and theatrical video features shadowed figures and shattered glass, all vivid representations of his mind.


Saba is telling his story so you can learn it’s not all sunshine and roses when you make it big. Peep the new video below.




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