SaintMark Teams Up With Kamila Gem For New Single ‘Honor’

“Honor” is the first collaboration between the two DC-based artists SaintMark and Kamila via Brooklyn-based indie label Day Off Recordings. The single will be followed by more content including a music video and behind-the-scenes footage.

This new single, “Honor”, features a simple disco-inspired rhythm and instrumentation that was produced by SaintMark and on this Kamila Gem put her soulful vocals and lyrics. This collaboration is definitely something that worked out really great.

In addition to these two artists, the single has an additional production and was mixed by Brooklyn’s DJ Shiftee which is a behind-the-scenes veteran known for transforming underground sound into mainstream hits. Bailey Chapman also participated in the single with an energetic guitar solo.

“Honor” is a song about the fact that you need to treat people with respect consistently, and not just at a certain time, in order to create the baseline for a relationship.

Mark Butler started music at a young age and received his 4-track recorder at 11 and quickly supplied beats for local art shows throughout his teen years. SaintMark got his name while he was producing and engineering for local Hip-Hop acts.

He crafted his skills as a DC area DJ and immediately fell in love with house music. Today, as a reflection of his eclectic love of music, he is pairing some house beats with rhythmic disco and soul elements.

Listen to SaintMark’s first collaboration with Kamila Gem for “Honor” here:


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