Saoirse Ronan & LaKeith Stanfield To Star In Sci-Fi Project ‘Foe’

Saoirse Ronan and LaKeith Stanfield have signed on to star in sci-fi film Foe. Garth Davis will direct the film, which will be based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Iain Reid (I’m Thinking Of Ending Things). Davis and Reid will write the script together.

Reid’s novel, published in 2018, focuses on a married couple living a peaceful life on a remote farm in the near future, before their lives are thrown into turmoil by the arrival of a stranger. The man, Terrance, who shows up at the door of the couple, Junior and Hen, claims that Junior has been selected to travel to a large, experimental space station orbiting Earth.

Tensions rise as Terrance explains that arrangements have already been made, and that Hen will be “well cared for” in his absence. “The point of the movie is that corporate power and environmental decay is literally eating away at the natural world”, Davis told Deadline.

“Not just the environment but from a human point of view, it’s eating away at society and taking away why we’re meant to be here and what connects us”.

The film will also star Paul Mescal (Normal People). Davis previously directed Best Picture nominee Lion, the Rooney Mara-led Mary Magdalene, as well as eight episodes of acclaimed mystery drama Top Of The Lake. Amazon are reportedly in talks to acquire the rights to Foe.

It’s little surprise that Reid’s novel is being tapped for adaptation, as I’m Thinking Of Ending Things was successfully adapted by Charlie Kaufman for Netflix just last year. That film was much-talked about, so it’s easy to see why an equally intriguing sci-fi project from the same author, with another set of incredibly talented actors, has a company like Amazon interested.

Filming on Foe will begin in January in Australia.


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