Scott Derrickson Announces New Horror Film Coming After ‘Doctor Strange’ Sequel | Film News


Director Scott Derrickson and his screenwriting colleague C. Robert Cargill confirmed this week that they’ve written a new horror film together, and it will go into production after Derrickson finishes Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. The duo previously worked on the first Doctor Strange movie, and prior to that, the 2012 horror film Sinister.


The duo each shared tweets not only confirming the news, but also revealing that the film will be an adaptation of a Joe Hill novel. Hill is the son of horror legend Stephen King.



So we don’t know which Hill work it will be. He’s written novels such as Heart-Shaped Box, Strange Weather and Horns. The latter was adapted into a 2013 film starring Daniel Radcliffe. And you’ll probably hear Hill’s name more once the adaptation of his comic book Locke & Key premieres on Netflix in February.


Derrickson confirmed that the film won’t be similar to his 2005 movie The Exorcism Of Emily Rose: “won’t ever make another demon movie”. So we’ll wait and see. Obviously this is still a ways off as Derrickson has to jump back into the MCU machine, so we’ll probably hear new nuggets of information regarding his return to horror over the next year or so.



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