Alec Baldwin & Bella Thorne Join ‘Chick Fight’ | Film News


Alec Baldwin and Bella Thorne have joined the cast of Chick Fight, an indie action comedy set to star Malin Akerman. Paul Leyden is directing from Joseph Downey‘s original script. Akerman is also producing in collaboration with Yale Productions and Idiot Savant Pictures.


Akerman will star as Anna, a woman who still hasn’t reconciled with the recent death of her adored mother. She’s just discovered that her loving and supportive father is gay, and she accidentally burns down her uninsured coffee shop after a weed-smoking mishap.


Knowing Anna needs to be abruptly pulled out of her deep funk, her best friend takes her to an all-women underground fight club, where she encounters an eclectic cast of characters. Thorne will play Olivia, the club’s intimidatingly perfect and most brutally efficient fighter, who quickly becomes Anna’s rival. Baldwin plays a reclusive trainer who helps Anna slowly rediscover herself and her inner strength.


This has been a good week for Thorne, who has also been cast in the home invasion thriller Masquerade. She plays the leader of a group of intruders who break into a family’s home to steal a piece of priceless artwork. Shane Dax Taylor will write and direct.


Akerman previously said this regarding Chick Fight: “When I read this script, I immediately knew I had found my next project. It’s outrageously funny, but it also finds a fun and unique way to look at female empowerment that I think will really resonate with audiences”.


The film is expected to begin shooting in January.



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