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His mate Gaz Beadle may’ve tried to fool the public into voting for Scotty T, by posting a phone number on Snapchat saying that fans could contact Beadle in the Geordie Shore house  – but, in the end, even without all those extra votes, which were later disqualified anyway, Scotty T still went on to win Celebrity Big Brother 2016.


So on behalf of the winner himself, here’s my Top 5 guide on how to win CBB (if your name’s Scotty T):


1. Get romantically involved with another housemate – but not too involved like runner-up Steph and her main man Jezza. Whether Scotty T’s interaction with Megan McKenna was a ‘showmance’ or not remains to be seen, but on-screen flirting always generates a good storyline or 2.


2. Be sexual – but not too sexual, like Tiffany. Tiffany wasn’t afraid to express her ‘frustration’ on many an occasion, but perhaps she came on a little too strong for the British public? Meanwhile, Scotty T dry-humped his way around the house, but it must’ve been in a more lovable way that endeared him to viewers.


3. Take the moral high ground – but don’t be too vocal about it, as Gemma was. Scotty T didn’t really approve of Steph’s cheating on boyfriend Sam with fellow contestant Jeremy. And he did voice his opinions, but in a more ‘matey’ way than Gemma, ensuring that he didn’t alienate himself from his fellow housemates.


4. Be inoffensive – but not too inoffensive like Darren. I’m disappointed that Darren didn’t win, but I’m glad to see he turned around the public perception of himself, to secure 3rd place. Meanwhile, Scotty T didn’t really do anything to annoy the others, hence why he was only nominated once.


5. Be an all round good egg. It was difficult to reconcile Scotty T’s reputation as a notorious lothario, with the down-to-earth, respectful and all round nice guy image that he had on the show. But he managed to convey his good natured-personality effectively to take home the CBB crown.


The other finalists were as follows: John Partridge finished in 6th place, Danniella Westbrook came 5th and Tiffany Pollard was 4th.



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