‘Scream’ Filmmaking Team Radio Silence Developing Monster Movie At Universal

Having helped relaunch the Scream franchise over the last year and change, the filmmaking team known as Radio Silence are riding high. Unsurprisingly, they’ve got another horror project in the works. But this one isn’t a slasher – it’s a currently untitled monster movie in development at Universal.

The group’s Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett will direct the project, with Chad Villella serving as producer alongside William Sherak, Paul Neinstein, and James Vanderbilt at Project X Entertainment. Stephen Shields has penned the script, with revisions by Guy Busick.

Little is known about the specifics of the project, but the film will be in the vein of Universal’s recent hits such as The Invisible Man and the recently released Renfield. The film will provide a unique take on a legendary monster and will represent a fresh, new direction for how to celebrate classic characters.

The Universal monster films are not part of a shared interconnected universe, which allows each film to stand on its own. And the studio’s direction with these projects is filmmaker-driven, inviting those with original, bold ideas to develop stories and pitch them.

Radio Silence was actually initially eyeing this film as its potential next project following last year’s Scream film. But given how successful that turned out, Paramount wanted to move fast on a sequel and quickly got the sixth film into production. And with Scream VI breaking records, Radio Silence turns its eyes back to this project and lined it up as their next feature.

Prior to the two Scream films, the team directed horror-thriller Ready or Not. They have also directed segments of horror anthologies Southbound and V/H/S. Universal will also feel good about having Project X on board for this project, as they also produced Netflix’s hit new series, The Night Agent.

We’ll wait for more info regarding this monster movie, but expect to see Radio Silence become a key cog in the horror genre for years to come.


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