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Selena Gomez gave us a taste of the music video for “Hands To Myself” two weeks ago, sparking plenty of excitement among fans. Now it is finally here and it doesn’t disappoint. The video features Gomez strolling around in her underwear and exploring a stranger’s house. The video may begin with Gomez in handcuffs – suggesting some kinky action – but the video offers us a fun twist.


She’s the one indulging in fantasies about him (male model Christopher Mason) and not the other way round. The music video for “Good For You” was, according to her, a celebration of being a woman outside of the male gaze. “Hands To Myself” is another step in that direction, and another way for her to explore her maturity. It’s been a good year for Selena Gomez. She has really come into her own and been open about that Revival is her most authentic album yet.


ASAP Rocky, who collaborated with her on “Good For You”, said in a previous interview that “She is developing her sexiness”. He went on to reference her good girl past. “But honestly, she wasn’t looking for a No. 1 hit. She did it to excommunicate herself from her image. That’s brave”. She has really proven to her fans that she is done with that “same old love” and is clearly making a point that your past and past relationships shouldn’t define who you are or become your whole identity. We are constantly changing, evolving and discovering new parts of ourselves.


Selena is evidently on a mission to take control of her narrative and is openly exploring what being a woman means to her. In the new music video Gomez is in charge and what makes her so seductive and sexy is the confidence she is oozing. Gomez has been very open about her struggles with body image, but here she looks incredible. This marks her split from her squeaky clean Disney image and while it may be shocking for her young fans, they have to remember that she is 23 years old – they can’t demand that she delay her womanhood. This is her moment and she is coming to get it.




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