Sevdaliza – Hear My Pain Heal | Music Video


Iranian-dutch femme fatale Sevda Alizadeh, or just Sevdaliza, has released a music video for her “Hear My Pain Heal” single, which is included in her re-released debut album ISON. The new video, directed by Ian Pons Jewell follows in the same vein as the singer’s previous stunning cinematic and metaphorical clips.


It’s hard to describe Sevdaliza’s music, which sounds like slow tempo experimental pop with some trip-hop and R&B influences. However, there’s no need to define the exact style, as long as the music is strong and memorable. That’s how the artist explains her art herself: “I’m not necessarily drawn to a genre, but to a process, or towards a certain mood like melancholy.”


Long black hair, hypnotic voice and invincible feminine power are the key elements that help to remember Sevdaliza’s name for a long time. Watch this enchanting and artistically with music synchronized video for “Hear My Pain Heal”:




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