Shanghai Tang Unveils Summer 2015 ‘Retro Round’ Sunglasses | Fashion News


Its not too late to look dope this summer but you gotta have the right glasses to compliment your look, there are plenty out there but with the release of the new Shanghai Tang summer 2015 ‘retro round’, the creators of the stunning looking design have delivered the highest quality mirror lenses and acetate frames that are hand polished to perfection. The glasses are available in four lens and frame combinations, you can either rock black frames with ink blue or gold mirror, clear frames with aqua mirror and a tortoise shell with silver mirror, and if you have fat pockets, why not go for more than one to rock with different styles. These are worth saving up for too, the retro look is still going strong and comes full circle again with the vintage style look that seems to grab many peoples taste not only for the unique patterns and designs but for its quality as well, and quality lasts.




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