Sheifunmi Releases Heartfelt Single ‘Eru Ife’ from Upcoming ‘X-Files’ EP

Sheifunmi, the Nigerian-born multimedia personality and artist, has released a new single called “Eru Ife,” which translates to “Love Slave” in Yoruba. The song, which is from his forthcoming EP X-FILES, is about leaving a relationship due to unrequited love.

In “Eru Ife,” Sheifunmi merges traditional Nigerian afro-pop with western pop. Liquor Sounds produced the track, and Fkyo Kehinde was responsible for the mixing and mastering of the entire EP. “Eru Ife” is an outstanding example of Sheifunmi’s creative process, which is completely different from his prior work in public relations and media.

X-FILES, which includes songs such as “Last Night,” “Addiction,” and “Red Flag Connoisseur,” will be available in April. The project is Sheifunmi’s debut as a recording artist and provides an inside look at the many sides of his creative process. Sheifunmi, who has a lot of experience in media and public relations, has worked with some of Africa’s biggest names in the entertainment industry.

Sheifunmi’s contributions to the entertainment industry in Nigeria and across Africa have been significant. He was the host of several red carpets, TV and radio shows, and pop culture events such as MTV Africa Music Awards and the Hip-Hop World Awards. He has also worked as a creative consultant and public relations specialist, in addition to his on-camera work.

In the past, Sheifunmi has given fans a taste of his singing abilities. However, “Eru Ife” is the first track he’s recorded as an artist. By sharing stories that transcend cultural boundaries and writing scripts that tackle difficult topics, Sheifunmi is returning to his artistic roots. In addition, he is the creator of a community for young creatives and the Indigo Space studio gallery, which promotes emerging artists.

“Eru Ife” is a testament to Sheifunmi’s versatility and artistry as he continues to evolve as an artist. The song is currently available on all streaming platforms.

Liste to “Eru Ife” below:


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