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Film essays are a great way for critically minded individuals to contribute towards the dynamic worldview on cinema. With most film essayists taking advantage of the transient nature of the internet to get these short, accessible features out to as many people as possible – Youtube, blogs and other social media are useful tools for greater exposure – the medium and those who use it are beginning to define a culturally relevant art form and profession. Youtube user Nerdwriter1 is one such example, constructing thoroughly researched, insightful bursts of information that anyone can access for free. His short mission statement (available from the link above) explains how people around the world are using the film essay form to change the way people think about cinema and each other.


Check out what The Nerdwriter has to say about classic Japanese animation, Ghost in the Shell, below:



This eloquent discourse on the nature of identity, its inherent relationship with the space we inhabit, and cyberpunk’s post-humanism is drawn from a three minute sequence of Mamoru Oshii‘s film, in which narrative is briefly abandoned. His seamless use of informal language and critical theory forge an accessible and enlightening experience that can be appreciated by anybody with an internet connection, from hardline film scholars to amateur cinephiles. Nerdwriter1 has covered many films and subjects, all available from his YouTube page. Notable essays include a complimentary work on cinematic background with Children of Men, and a exploration of morality in the comedy of Louie C.K. If you enjoyed what you saw, The Nerdwriter is currently asking for contributions on its Patreon page. A small pledge could help these videos reach more people around the world.



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