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Skrillex, the EDM producer who managed to make Justin Bieber‘s last album Purpose a massive hit with his overly crafted productions, has reunited with his former band From First To Last and dropped a new single in the form of “Surrender“.


The track, unveiled for free on the musician’s Twitter account, was released following a couple of tweets by Skrillex, anticipating the nostalgic collaboration with his screamo-emo band.


“Surrender” is a post-hardcore, explosive track that hints about drugs (ab)use and it is tinged with tongue-in-cheeck lines like “She screamed surrender harder motherfucker“.


A significant departure from Skrillex’s more up to date work, that focused mostly on EDM productions and dubstep sounds, the song is a welcome look into his past as former leader of From First To Last.


It remains to be seen if the new collaboration will spark something new on the musical front for Skrillex, or if it will just be a meteor in a sky full of nostalgic throwbacks.


Surely, Skrillex has been missing for quite sometime now, with the musician tweeting in June “I’m not dead , I’m not gone … I just needed time to be a human for a bit“.


With nothing new on the horizon, fans of Skrillex can rest assure that there is always something boiling in the pan for the musician. If it is not a new chart-hit for some other artist, the musician can just go back to his old days and work on one of his numerous side projects.


Listen to the song here:




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