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Following a string of successful performances at several music festivals all summer long, Pale Waves are ready to seal the deal with their new album My Mind Makes Noises, dropping on Friday, September 14.


The Manchester band, signed to Interscope Records, to celebrate the occasion has decided to drop a new single “Eighteen“, that will feature in the album.


The song is a pop jam, that consists of Pale Waves’ trademark sound, made of easy turns at the strings and ready-lines for people to sing out loud. But the track is much more, as it shows the overarching homogeneity of Pale Waves, that can easily be traced back when you listen to their previous releases.


“Eighteen” evokes those early 2000s’ years, when TRL was the litest show on TV and Metro Station‘s “Shake It” was playing in every teen’s room across the world, making tattoos and that emo-look cool again among the ever-absorbing pop culture.


Pale Waves, with their banging sound and alternative look, are doomed to be popular in the music industry. Aiming at a target that is waiting to be fed with something that is not Katy Perry or Taylor Swift (not that there is anything wrong with that), the band will fill the slot left by the Carly Ray Jepsen of this world and elevate the pop culture to what it really is: an easy catch with irresistible bops.


After singles like “Kiss” and the more serious “Noises“, that deals with mental health issues, Pale Waves could be the missing act from a genre that certainly needs some boosting.


Listen to the “Eighteen” below while you wait on their upcoming album:



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