Sleigh Bells – And Saints | Music Video


Last year, the American noise pop duo Sleigh Bells, released their latest album Jessica Rabbit, and from that date, the band have declared their intention to not wait a long time to unveil something else, but to put out shorter records more often.


This is the reason why, last month the vocalist Alexis Krauss and producer/guitarist Derek Miller announced their upcoming mini-album, and delivered a new single called “And Saints“.


Today, the release day of this mini-LP Kid Kruschev, composed by 7 tracks has arrived, and to accompany it, there is the music video of their lead song “And Saints” that you can watch below.


This visual directed by Mimi Cave and Derek Miller, features Alexis, well-dresses and sophisticated singing and surrounded by the band and some cheerleaders who are wearing ghoulish masks. While the singer is performing with her delicate and distinguished voice, she’s able to communicate all her pain, struggle and sadness. Indeed, from the middle of the clip, she starts crying blood.


As we can see from this video, the band never lose their style. Check out the video below.




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