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It was only a few weeks ago we learned that the TV adaptation of Snowpiercer had been ordered to series by American network TNT, and despite the glut of film-to-TV adaptations currently in motion, this one seemed like it had plenty of pieces in place to be something great.


Well, the series has had a huge setback, as TNT and series showrunner Josh Friedman have split over the dreaded “creative differences”. It’s a blow to the series, as the 10-episode first season has been in development for a while, with Friedman having written the pilot and Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson directing.


The show will remain on TNT’s slate, but it will now be under the helm of a new showrunner, who might have totally different ideas to the ones already developed, including the already-shot pilot. It’s a frustrating development for a show with plenty of potential that was seemingly just getting started.


We do now have an extended synopsis for the series that wasn’t previously available. The series “takes place seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland and centres on a small band of people who inhabit a gigantic, perpetually moving train that circles the globe.


Jennifer Connelly stars as Melanie Cavill, an important first-class passenger and leader who is fascinated by the less fortunate riders on the train”.


Alongside Connelly, the show is set to star Daveed Diggs, Mickey Sumner, Susan Park and Sasha Frolova.


Considering Friedman’s experience as showrunner on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Emerald City, the network will hope to corral someone with similar TV experience, and it’ll be interesting to see who they pick and what direction they’re looking to go in.



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