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Frank and Soderbergh


It has been reported that Scott Frank and Steven Soderbergh have teamed up to bring Frank’s Western project Godless on to Netflix. Frank and Soderbergh collaborated on the highly acclaimed Out of Sight in 1998, it being their one and only writer/director collaboration to date. The prospect of them teaming up a second time for a pet project of Frank’s is an exciting one to say the least.


Their individual credentials are hugely impressive as well: Frank penned films such as Get ShortyMinority ReportThe Lookout and The Wolverine whilst Soderbergh has directed such films as King of the HillOcean’s ElevenErin BrockovichChe and Behind the Candelabra.


Much of Godless is still a mystery, all that is known is that Frank will write and direct the series and Soderbergh is attached in an executive producer’s role. The Netflix-bound drama is apparently set in 1884: a time when grudges formed in the Civil War still run strong and the decline of the Old West has begun as the forces of urbanisation and industrialisation sweep in from the East.


There are no casting announcements as of yet, and although they’ve finally got the green light it wouldn’t be surprising if Frank and Soderbergh leave this on the back-burner a little longer. Frank is currently working on Assassin’s Creed as a writer and Soderbergh is currently working on Mosaic, both of which are due for release this year.



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