Solange Launches Saint Heron Creative Agency And Multidisciplinary Platform | Culture


WHen Solange Knowles started the Saint Heron label in 2013, she wanted to create a musical and cultural space to encourage and empower black artists.


While she has definitely been successful in this regard, Solange also realized the potential of what she had built could have an even bigger positive resonance for the black community.


She has now reached the next level by turning Saint Heron into a full-time creative agency and has a number of culturally impactful projects in the works.


Saint Heron’s website has been redesigned to function as a sort of digital mood board offering a nice and very aesthetic experience, reflecting the universe of Solange. The site will highlight a new artist each week.



Over the years, Saint Heron label has slowly but surely infiltrated the art, education, and industry communities, with collaborations with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ikea, Google, The Parsons School of Fashion, Nike, and many others. The company also launched its online store and gallery Small Matter in 2018.



We are creating an embodiment of living testaments to the glory of expression, and how that recharges and reaffirms the reverence we hold for our own cultural and artistic worth. We look forward to furthering the pursuit of authenticity that empowers the stories of our people“, said Knowles about the creative agency.


Saint Heron will propose a literary and visual record of family and artistic lineages. The first of these dossiers will be a study of Saint Heron’s history conducted by Knowles herself.


In addition to the visual stories, the agency will also feature interviews with Shala Monroque and artist Cassi Namoda, as well as talks by poets, authors and artists such as Helga Davis, Okwui Okpokwasili, Barbara Chase-Riboud and Ilyasah Shabazz.


Additionally, Saint Heron also announced plans for a series of gallery exhibitions, an artist-in-residence program, a permanent art collection, a nonprofit library and art films. Also Saint Records will continue to provide music publishing.


More details are on the official website here.



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