Sony Buys Novel ‘The Devil Takes You Home’ & Taps Alejandro Brugués To Direct

Per Deadline, Sony has purchased the rights to Gabino Iglesias‘ novel The Devil Takes You Home in a competitive situation, and has tapped Cuban filmmaker Alejandro Brugués to adapt and direct the project.

The book follows a man named Mario who has no choice but to be a hitman to cover his family’ mountings bills, especially his daughter’s medical tab. Another man named Juanca needs help stealing $2 million dollars from a drug cartel, and Mario is given an offer: one last score that will either pull him out of poverty forever or put a bullet in the back of his skull.

He accepts, and together with Juanca, begins a journey to an underworld where unspeakable horrors happen every day.

Brugués has previously directed episodes of the From Dusk Till Dawn TV series and zombie film Juan Of The Dead. He last helmed the thriller The Last Will and Testament of Charles Abernathy. Iglesias is a writer, journalist, professor, and literary critic who previously wrote critically-acclaimed novels Zero Saints and Coyote Songs.

The project is only in early development right now so there’s no word on what sort of release strategy Sony has planned for the film, but there was plenty of industry buzz over Iglesias’ novel that led to the bidding war, so it’s likely a project they’re excited about.


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