Soul Vocalist Ts3di Releases New Single ‘Let Go’ | Music News


American soul singer Ts3di has just unveiled a brand-new single called “Let Go”, a collaborative project between the soul artist and producer WZM.


The two started thinking about project ideas back in March at the beginning of quarantine. In the process of navigating the shakiness of 2020 and zoom meetings that turned into reflection sessions, the song was created.


Ts3di wrote “Let Go” in quarantine, as she was being reminded that it is deeply important to release all the things in our life that that don’t serve us, to learn to surrender the past and be able to truly let go.


The sound of the track is refreshing, and the horn section is beautifully harmonised and particularly nice to the ears. Ts3di’s soothing voice seems to be floating effortlessly through the song, showcasing her obvious vocal abilities.


Ts3di is a singer/songwriter who was born in Kenya. She moved a few times, before landing in California, that became home for her. This geographic movement in her life exposed her to various genres of music, from which she draws her inspiration; from jazz to reggae and soul to R&B.


“Let Go” is the singer’s first release under the pseudonym Ts3di, and she already has a few singles out under the name Tsedi. So if you want to check out her previous work, you know what to do!


Go listen to the song:




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