Soulful Indie Pop Singer Steph Sandor Drops New Single ‘Empathy’ | Music News


Do you know the feeling of trying to keep everyone happy at your own expense? If yes, maybe you could find yourself in the new Steph Sandor single “Empathy” reflecting this internal struggle in a great indie chill pop sound incorporating soulful elements.


Steph Sandor wrote this single with the desire to share what she felt in her relationships during this last year. She expresses how these habits caused codependency, exhaustion, and a sense of emptiness and tries to give it more sense in “Empathy”.


Born and raised in Connecticut, Steph Sandor is a soulful indie-pop singer/songwriter now based in Los Angeles, California. She started creating music at the age of 12 and is now being featured on various tastemaker blogs and channels such as Good Morning Lala Land, The SFGate, IGGY Magazine, Hype Machine, INDIETRONICA and otthers.


Steph Sandor recently signed her latest singles “Circles” and “Clouds” with the independent US record label Bonfire Records. “Circles” trended #2 in the AudioMack pop charts and recently hit over 250,000 streams on Youtube, while “Clouds” is current featured on two editorial Apple Music playlists for electronic music.


She continues to passionately write new music with the hope to release an EP soon. She says “When I write, I surrender to my emotions, without judgment, never stopping to filter or question my thoughts. Every idea is hidden somewhere in my immediate or subconscious mind and I accept all of them as real. My hope is that through my music, others will relate to my experiences and escape to a vulnerable place with me”.


Listen to “Empathy” below:




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