South African Artist Celine Shares New Single ‘Hide Away’ | Music News


South African singer, songwriter, musician, and actress Celine has released her latest electro-acoustic single titled “Hide Away”.


The 23-year-old artist started writing and performing music in a very young age and shared her debut album Blue in April 2018. With Blue she gained a lot of attention and was interviewed by several radio stations.


Her sound mainly refers to classic indie tracks, underpinned with elements of folk, pop and rock. Usually her lyrics deliver deep insights into her personal feelings and inspire her listeners with emotional topics.


Now Celine returns with an intimate yet energetic ballad about anxiety and overthinking. “Hide Away” comes with delicate lyrics such as acoustic guitar sounds, modern pop influences and uplifting beats.


Overthinking is something I have struggled with for a long time and the song expresses the longing to be heard and understood – to find moments of solace and a safe space, escaping from anxious thinking and ‘catastrophic’ thoughts“ Celine says.


In her opinion people with anxiety often tend to bottle up these feelings and are afraid of stigma. “I believe it is so important to talk about the things that trouble you with someone you trust, whether that be a family member, a close friend or a therapist” the artist explains further.


In her song Celine is trying to run away from her inner demons and is looking for “somewhere to hide away”. But she realizes that we can’t hide from our problems and adopting healthy coping mechanisms and cultivating self-love is the only solution. Listen to “Hide Away” below.




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